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Apple - OS X Lion Recovery - Introducing Lion Recovery


If your Mac problem is a little less common — your hard drive has failed or you’ve installed a hard drive without OS X, for example — Internet Recovery takes over automatically. It downloads and starts Lion Recovery directly from Apple servers over a broadband Internet connection. And your Mac has access to the same Lion Recovery features online. Internet Recovery is built into every newly-released Mac starting with the Mac mini and MacBook Air.

A very cool feature.

(via Shawn “Five Thousand Foot” Blanc)

I <3 Stanford :)


Stanford Students Create a Lightsaber Dueling Robot

The title alone makes for unbelievably fantastic Internet. Thankfully the students at Stanford University have only created the arm of their sword (lightsaber) fighting (dueling) robot. I’m not sure if the world would be safe if a robot could recreate lightsaber battles and move around a room.

There is some pretty cool stuff happening here. They’re using a Microsoft Kinect to help the robot track it’s opponents sword in 3d space and with that data it can either attack or defend.

[via Wired]

Make: Online | Bag Closure Power Strip Organization Hack


Make intern, Tyler Moskowite, sent over this clever bread bag closure power strip organization hack he found on the Interwebs. I have yet to find the original source for this hack, but hopefully someone will leave their name in the comments and we can all congratulate them for a job well done.

Very clever idea.

(via Brad Blackman)